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By: NAK Cabinetry and Tile   |   08 Jan 2019
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The Bathroom: The Most Important Room in Your Home

The modern bathroom is a unique space that tells a story about your lifestyle. Its design and colour scheme should provide privacy and comfort. It is deemed so essential that most homes today have more than one bathroom — and the value of the home goes up based on how many bathrooms it has!  

Bathrooms are also the rooms we tend to renovate more often than any other and, along with your kitchen, are the rooms that help significantly increase the value of your home when selling.

“If your home only has one bathroom, you can recoup a large chunk of your investment by adding another one. HGTV estimates that you can recoup 80%-130% of whatever you spend adding a bathroom.”


In other words, investing in bathroom renovations is money well spent. So, what factors should you consider when setting up your budget? We’re going to go through every bathroom type and break down what you need to keep in mind when designing and building each one.

The Master Ensuite:

Usually the largest bathroom (and the most valuable room in your house), the master ensuite is the personal spa of the home. Valuable because it’s a very custom space, people tend to spend more money bringing this room up to meet their specific needs. It’s an escape where you can reset after a long day, pampering yourself while you indulge in private luxury.

"Let our designers help you realize the potential of your master ensuite"

Generally, this is where you will find a four or five piece bath with wall to wall tile and a full-size shower (with or without a curb based on needs, structure and budget.) The shower may include a partial or full glass enclosure. This is also where, when space allows, you will find a deep, long soaker tub for the ultimate in relaxation. The master ensuite is where most homeowners choose to put in a large vanity — complete with luxury sinks and faucets.

With all of these aspects at play in one room, it can be difficult to come up with a clear vision of what your dream bathroom requires. Let our designers help you realize the potential of your master ensuite and turn your ideas and must-haves into a cohesive reality.

The Powder Room:

Now, we look at the smallest of the bathrooms: the powder room! Look for this bathroom type near the main entrance of your home. It may be small, but it probably plays host to the largest audience, so remember – first impressions are powerful. This means that there is significant value in giving your powder room special consideration.

When renovating, choose your colour, vanity, sink size and toilet style carefully to reflect the look and feel you want for this room. Remember — the powder room is usually tiny, so you will need a smaller or special vanity size. Keep in mind the theme of your home decor to create a cohesive powder room that translates well with the rest of the space. Even a small room can stick out like a sore thumb when designed wrong!

The Main Bathroom:

Above all, the main bathroom needs to be functional and practical for daily living. This is the room where any children in the home will spend much of their time — so it pays to make the main bathroom durable and easy to clean! Think about the layout, storage and use of space in advance. These aspects often need to be maximized — and an easy-access tub is generally put in this room for basic cleaning needs.

Style doesn’t have to suffer, though! Our experts will source fixtures and surfaces that will stand the test of time while contributing to the design of your home. The main bathroom can blend beauty with smart storage, cleanable surfaces and all of the main pieces you need for everyday function.

The Extra or Guest Bathroom:

This space is unique. While it needs to be functional, think of the impression you want to leave with your guests. It’s a space that is not likely to see as much activity as the main bath or ensuite and, therefore, may not deserve the same budget. However, it often presents an opportunity that you may not have in the other spaces.

For example, because this space is usually separate from other parts of the house, (this bathroom is often found in the basement or over the garage in a separate building), there is an opportunity to create a multi-functional space both for overnight guests as well as for entertaining. You can accomplish this by planning special features such as a steam room, a sauna and/or direct outdoor access to a pool area when your budget and space allow it.

In Conclusion

No matter which of your bathrooms needs an update, it really pays to take the time to design the right space for your project. At NAK, our goal is to help you maneuver the ever-changing world of decor trends. By doing this, you can come up with an end result that will be both tasteful and functional. Not all bathrooms serve the same purpose. Properly identify what yours will be used for as you enter the renovation process, as this will help you to yield the best results.

Our goal is to help you maneuver the ever-changing world of decor trends

Contact us today to learn about the latest bathroom fixtures and storage options, or begin your renovation with the help of one of our designers. Once your project is complete, you may find yourself looking for excuses to spend even more time in the most important room in your home!

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