Custom Cabinets & Prefab Cabinets for Your Kitchen Renovation

Choosing to invest in new kitchen cabinets is an exciting opportunity that allows you to rethink, refine and redesign the function and look of this incredibly important space in your home.

At NAK Cabinetry & Tile we offer two styles of new cabinets: custom design and prefabricated cabinets - or ‘prefab' as we like to refer to them. Each style has its own unique advantages as well as limitations. Below we break down these points to help you analyze which option is best suited for your unique needs and circumstances. Don't hesitate to reach out to one of our team members for additional help when choosing the kitchen cabinetry option that's right for you.

Custom Cabinets


• Can be designed to fit tight or limited spaces

• Height and width of cabinets is completely flexible

• Can be custom modified to fit special storage requirements

• Allows for maximum use of space with regular or smaller fillers

• Full customization of cabinet doors. You can select both the style, material and colour of your door with minimum limitations

• Allows for single-piece painted doors to eliminate joint cracking issues, which are more common on five-piece doors.

• Choose from three different and unique cabinet interior finishes

• Custom selection of drawer box materials and glides

• Custom selection of hinges and closure mechanisms. This allows our clients to make adjustments that fit their overall vision. For example, on a modern contemporary design, you may not want to see any handles at all. In this case we can offer a few options for opening doors and drawers. We have plenty of options to suit a wide range of design aesthetics

• Panels, trims and valances, crown, corbels, posts, base mouldings and some inserts can all be modified to meet custom dimensions, a specific look or a specific budget

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• Production price point per square foot is higher

• Larger spending budget is required

• Generally requires use of a qualified installer with the right tools and experience

• Longer delivery time frames

• Precise design planning is mandatory

Prefab Kitchen Cabinets


• Comes with several free upgrades, including matching colours inside and out, solid wood-ply veneered cabinet boxes, solid wood dovetail drawers with soft-close glides, soft-close door hinges and more.

• Solid wood door construction.

• Production price point per square foot is much lower

• Smaller spending budget required

• Generally more suited for DIY projects and contractors seeking faster solutions

• Can be delivered either flat pack (RTA) for self-assembly or fully assembled with or without installation included

• In general, allows for shorter delivery time frames when products are in stock

• Panels, trims, valances, crown, corbels, posts & base mouldings are available a lower price points

• Comes with free design planning with purchase of cabinets

• Includes delivery. No charge for local delivery within 50-kms


• Limited door styles with fixed colours. Door and colour are set and can NOT be modified

• Limited selection of trim and moulding both in size and shape

• Limited cabinet sizes in width and height

• Tight fits into small or unusual spaces may be difficult. These types of fits generally require either large fillers or the sacrificing of some storage space, dependent on the spacing within the room itself

• Not recommended for designs with crown to ceiling

• Any custom modifications are limited by available door sizes

• Additional costs apply for changing solid doors to glass doors

• Designs and delivery can be affected by stock availability

• Panels, trims and valances, crown, corbels, posts, base mouldings are limited in size and can not always be modified to custom dimensions

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