What's the Difference Between Custom and Prefab Kitchen Cabinets?

By: NAK Cabinetry & Tile   |   14 Dec 2022

If you’re currently on a kitchen remodel journey, you’ll quickly learn that cabinetry isn’t exactly a one-size-fits-all process. Not all cabinets are made the same, cost the same, hold up the same, etc. One major identifier that sets cabinets apart is how they are made. Cabinets play such an important role when it comes to any design or your space. And there are a lot of different options when it comes to choosing your cabinetry. Of these options, one of the biggest debates is whether to go with prefabricated cabinets versus custom cabinetry. Thankfully the team here at NAK Cabinetry & Tile is here to set the record straight and help you find the right option for your kitchen remodel.

Custom Cabinets Pros & Cons

Custom-made kitchen cabinets are made from scratch from the material of your choice, so their size, finish and design complement your home perfectly. This is the primary choice of those who can afford it, as such cabinets will be your home’s ideal match.


With custom cabinets, the options are positively endless. They are not only designed to fit tight or limited spaces, but they can also be custom modified to fit special storage requirements. You can alos select the style, material and colour of your door with minimum limitations for a more seamless look. If you typically experience joint cracking issues with five-piece doors, custom doors allow for single-piece painted doors as well as a custom selection of hinges and closure mechanisms.


Irrespective of the design and material you choose, custom-made cabinets are more typically expensive than prefabricated ones. Additionally, they are not readily available, and it can take weeks to get custom-made cabinets delivered, as they need to be designed, materials need to be chosen, and the crafts person needs to create your order. They also require the use of a qualified installer with the right tools and experience, as well as precise design planning.

Prefabricated Cabinets Pros & Cons

As the name suggests, prefabricated cabinets are bulk-manufactured in standard shapes and sizes. They come in different materials and colours and are readily available in kitchen cabinet stores. That being said, contractors will generally advise against prefab cabinets for kitchens and recommend them more for bathrooms.


One great thing about prefab cabinetry here at NAK is that they come with several free upgrades, including matching colours inside and out, solid wood-ply veneered cabinet boxes, solid wood dovetail drawers with soft-close glides, soft-close door hinges and more. They are also much less expensive and great for DIY projects if you want to opt out of hiring a contractor. For your convenience, they can either be delivered flat pack (RTA) for self-assembly or fully assembled with or without installation included.


Styles, sizes and colours are typically limited with prefab cabinets. They also aren’t great for tight fits into small or unusual spaces as these types of fits generally require either large fillers or the sacrificing of some storage space, dependent on the spacing within the room itself. Only industry standard and popular styles and sizes are found off the shelf. So, if your kitchen has an unconventional size or shape, you’re less likely to find a perfect match in-store.

Eager to get started on your next kitchen remodel? From cabinets to faucets, floors to backsplashes, at NAK Cabinetry & Tile, we do kitchens right. That’s why we’re committed to delivering Dufferin County the best quality materials, design assistance and professional contractors in the Orangeville area - so you can take on any kitchen project, large or small!




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