Popular Kitchen Remodelling Trends for 2023

By: NAK Cabinetry & Tile   |   23 Jan 2023

Renovating your kitchen is the perfect way to show off your personal style while creating a more efficient space for cooking your meals. When you think about it, we spend an inordinate amount of time in our kitchens preparing meals for ourselves and even our loved ones. If you’re thinking about remodelling your kitchen space but need a bit of inspo to get you started, NAK Cabinetry is here to help. After scouring the internet for ongoing kitchen trends, here are our top picks that we think will certainly be making a splash in 2023!


It’s no secret that more and more individuals are keen on doing their part and making more sustainable choices in various aspects of our lives. And a survey by Houzz even showed that 92 percent of homeowners insist on incorporating sustainable features during a kitchen renovation. Think lighting fixtures using LED light bulbs, energy-efficient appliances and windows, water-saving fixtures, etc. Additionally, creating a kitchen that won't need regular style updates is also a sustainable effort. Best of all, having a more timeless design with energy-efficient features can also save you lots of money in the long run.

Wood Cabinets

While colour cabinets have been all the rage among stylish homeowners, and white cabinets remain the safest yet most popular choice, we think wood cabinets might be making a comeback. Once seen as dated and grandma-like, natural, earthy elements paired with minimalism offer the perfect balance to an otherwise modern kitchen. Medium-tone wood and dark wood cabinets are a great addition to warm up a cool space.

Smart Tech Upgrades

Aside from purely aesthetic refreshes, many homeowners have been finding ways to upgrade the technology in their kitchens. Docking stations, wireless speakers, and stereo systems are all becoming more popular kitchen additions, according to the study. On top of that, many homeowners are beginning to install faucets with high-tech features, such as water efficiency and touch-only or touch-free activation. Appliances with Wi-Fi connectivity, smartphone or tablet controls, and even voice activation are also on the rise.

Slab Backsplashes

Traditional white subway tile backsplashes and trendy zellige tile backsplashes are being replaced in favour of sleek, large-scale slab backsplashes. A slab backsplash is simply a backsplash made out of one large piece of continuous material. It can be matched to the countertops or used as a statement piece in the kitchen with a bold contrasting colour or design. Granite, quartz, and marble are popular choices for slab backsplashes, although there are many options available. 

Warm Tones

Much like the wood tones cabinets we mentioned, the all-white kitchens we’re used to are being swapped in favour of more colour. In particular, homeowners are embracing warmer tones and bold pops of colour rather than monochromatic, Scandinavian-style minimalism. We’re seeing lots of organic and saturated colours being big in 2023 in all areas of the kitchen. If you feel like white and gray offer a more timeless look, we think warming them up a bit is a good way to ease your kitchen in. Basic gray and stark white are out and creamy off-whites and warm grays are in.

From cabinets to faucets, floors to backsplashes, at NAK Cabinetry & Tile, we do kitchens right. That’s why we’re committed to delivering Dufferin County the best quality materials, design assistance and professional contractors in the Orangeville area - so you can take on any kitchen project, large or small! Contact us today for a consultation so you can get started on building the kitchen of your dreams!


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