Kitchen Design Services – Bring Your Dream Kitchen To Life!

Kitchens are made for families and friends to gather. Whether your goal is to cook great meals or create the perfect space to entertain, your kitchen is your family’s social hub inside your home. When your kitchen is up to date it becomes welcoming and friendly, providing an environment where people want to gather, cook, share stories and have good times. Now picture in your mind’s eye your new kitchen – your dream; hear the warm conversation, smell the amazing aromas and taste the wonderful food and drink.

NAK cabinetry can help make your dream kitchen a reality. We provide flexible kitchen designs for both larger and smaller budgets. From full service turn-key kitchen renovation projects to simply delivering your kitchen cabinet order for D.I.Y projects, at NAK cabinetry we will make suggestions that meet your circumstances, so that your new kitchen can become a reality. Whether your desire is for traditional elegance or a contemporary oasis, NAK cabinetry can provide both custom cabinets as well as prefabricated cabinet solutions that put your dream kitchen directly within reach. As a kitchen design company, we offer a wide range of materials to select from as well as interior design services to help with decorating new or larger spaces. Visit us at our showroom or book an in-home consultation and let us help create a personally tailored plan that will enhance your lifestyle. And when the design and materials are all set, we can help manage the project and any renovations that may be required from beginning to end with our turn-key project management service. Best of all, with our 6 step process the planning and purchase of your project will be structured, organized and easy to follow.

Our project scope is extremely flexible and based on your budget. We will provide personal assistance in guiding you through our design and product selection process. The full scope of our product selections are available for viewing in our showroom. We will direct you to solutions that fit your lifestyle and budget. For example, we can either update your space and create a luxury kitchen with all new cabinets, new flooring, new countertops, a new faucet as well as new backsplash tile and lighting, or, we can service a more modest budget by simply refacing / painting or restaining your existing kitchen – and if the cabinets will allow for it, we can switch to new doors or add a few additional custom cabinets as needed. We can also add roll out drawers or change the drawers entirely and then provide a new countertop and sink. Even modest adjustments can provide outstanding visual results that transform your kitchen into a refreshed, inviting new space once again, completing your kitchen renovation.

Custom and Prefab Cabinets

New Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing to invest in new kitchen cabinets is an exciting opportunity that allows you to rethink, refine and redesign the function and use of this incredibly important space in your home.

At NAK Cabinetry we offer two styles of new cabinets, custom and prefabricated or prefab as we like to refer to them. Each style has its own unique advantages as well as limitations. Below we break down these points to help you analyze which option is best suited for your circumstances.

Our Kitchen Design & Purchasing Process
Walk-in Pantry Designer

Pantry Construction

At NAK cabinetry our design philosophy when it comes to custom walk-in pantries is to create maximum storage that is organized and easily accessible. If you love to cook, you understand the value of a well organized pantry that can be generously stocked. That said, it’s not just function that matters. Ultimately the visual appeal of the pantry needs to also please, even if it’s a space that most will never see. So whether you prefer open shelving or closed off cabinets with doors or lots and lots of drawers NAK cabinetry can develop a custom layout that best suits your personal preferences and makes the space function effectively. So what kind of storage can we include in a pantry? Well instantly you may think of spices and condiments, baking supplies and canned goods, even bulk items like oil, oats or cereal. Then there are all the perishable items such…

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