Reface Cabinets

Reface Painting Versus New Cabinet Installation &#...

29 Nov 2018

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To Reface or Not to Reface If you are kicking around the idea of putting in a new kitchen, ways to save dollars wherever you can is likely something on your mind. With DIY sites like Pinterest being the source of many people‚Äôs home project inspiration, it can be tempting to try and repurpose as much of your current kitchen as possible — all in the name of crafty cost effectiveness. But what are the…
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white backsplash

5 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Backsplash

23 Nov 2018

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Choosing the Right Backsplash When designing your dream kitchen, every aspect matters. The goal is to have each surface and texture intermingle with each other to create one, unified feeling. With so many beautiful backsplash and countertop choices on offer today, this can prove to be more of a challenge than you might originally have thought. Why is this? Too Much of a Good Thing When you think back to all of the kitchens you…
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