5 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Backsplash

By: NAK Cabinetry and Tile   |   23 Nov 2018
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Choosing the Right Backsplash

When designing your dream kitchen, every aspect matters. The goal is to have each surface and texture intermingle with each other to create one, unified feeling. With so many beautiful backsplash and countertop choices on offer today, this can prove to be more of a challenge than you might originally have thought. Why is this?

Too Much of a Good Thing

When you think back to all of the kitchens you have looked at while coming up with what you prefer, there are likely some that stand out to you – in a bad way! More often than not, this happens when two or more beautiful features combine and collide, visually competing with each other instead of complementing the overall look of the kitchen. It’s easier than ever to make this mistake, as bold patterns, shapes and grains are now widely available on the market. So how do you take this abundance of choice and come out with something you can love for many years to come?

Our goal is to help you pick out the perfect backsplash for your project. To do this, we’re going to consider 5 different points that need to be worked through before the ultimate choice can be made. Read on to learn more!

1) Pinpoint Your Feature

As we’ve touched on, it’s vital to choose one main focal point for your redesign. Generally, people opt for having either a bold countertop or a bold backsplash, but not both. It is not that both cannot be beautiful or unique, but to create a fluid look, only one can stand out.  

As you’re looking through your options, once you find a piece that you connect to, base all of the other aspects around it. This way, you’ll draw attention to that eye-catching selection instead of drowning it out with a busy pairing.

2) Avoid Fads

Tile countertops, faux finishes and all oak everything – these kitchen choices used to be red hot, but now are trademarks of outdated rooms. The fact is that fads fade, and sometimes this happens quicker than you’d think. While few choices stay truly timeless and we don’t want to discourage you from having the funky kitchen of your dreams, the truth is that certain choices are going to lose their “in style” factor faster than the next Style at Home magazine comes out.

When it comes to kitchens, especially, this can be a very costly mistake to make. There is nothing worse than loathing that bright orange countertop you spent an arm and a leg on as soon as trends opt for more natural surfaces. Kitchen accessories, hardware and small appliances are much easier – and less costly – to swap out when trying to keep with the times. If you go with classic and neutral tones and surfaces, avoiding a dated-looking kitchen is possible.

3) Pick the Right Material

Backsplashes come in a plethora of different sizes, shapes and textiles! All kinds of design looks can be achieved by using stone, brick, tile or even mirrors. Each of these materials will greatly affect the look of any kitchen and can take a space from cookie-cutter to rustic, from ho-hum to glam.

While you may absolutely love the look of a backsplash, the care and maintenance needed to keep things looking good do vary by product. A shiny, mirrored surface will require constant cleaning, while a rough-textured surface like brick or some tile choices may prove difficult to clean. The easiest materials to maintain by far are smooth tiles or solid surface stone, both only needing a regular wipe down.

4) Think About Resale

While it’s easy to get caught up in all of your wildest dream preferences, the fact is that the vast majority of homeowners will have to put their home up for sale at some point in their life. Bright colours and nontraditional shapes can prove to be more difficult to pitch to the average home buyer than more classic looks. We’re not saying that you need to be completely boring when building your kitchen – far from it. What we are saying is that if selling your home is a concern for you, it may pay to opt for more neutral shades.

A way to go subtle while still being stylish is to use a white subway tile in your design. For the more modern homeowner, black grout can make your choice pop, turning it into more of a statement and less of a compromise.

5) Go Easy On the Patterns

There are some absolutely beautiful backsplash options available right now. Many of these include bold patterns or classically painted tiles. These choices can be tastefully done when used in the right space, but can become more of an eyesore if used incorrectly. Sleek kitchens might be able to get away with using a full-fledged patterned backsplash, but most kitchen designs do better with using these ornate pieces as a feature over the stove or as a mosaic in one area only.

Whatever you do, please do not pair these intricate tile choices with bold, loud granite countertops with brightly coloured veins. Unfortunately, a combination like this cheapens both of the luxury materials and creates visual confusion for any looking at.

The Long and Short of It

We have no desire to crush the dreams of those that love the bright, bold and loud of the design world. On the contrary, if you are confident in your design choices, we will be happy to lead you to a composition that showcases your individuality. All that we want for our customers is to enter into these choices with the most information possible.

We want each and every client to look at their new kitchen and be filled with happiness, and we want that feeling to keep happening each time they enter the room for years to come! The kitchen should be your family’s place of comfort, a place to talk together, cook together and eat together, all while being surrounded by features that highlight your personal flair. By carefully choosing the materials that make up this most important of rooms, you will guarantee a product you can truly feel at home in.

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