5 Bathroom Renovation Ideas for 2023

By: NAK Cabinetry & Tile   |   30 Nov 2022

With a new year quite literally just around the corner, we have our eye on the latest and greatest design trends to watch for 2023—especially when it comes to bathrooms. If you’re looking to refresh your home’s smallest, yet one of its most important, spaces, we’re here to cheer you on. Since you’re working with limited square footage in a bathroom, that gives you a little wiggle room to experiment with new looks, whether that’s wild wallpaper, a cabinetry trend, or otherwise. From small upgrades to full remodels, Nak Cabinetry is here to give a rundown of our favourite renovation ideas to invigorate your bathroom's design for 2023!

1.    A Splash of Colour

In 2023, colour will continue to be interjected into bathroom spaces, and the bolder the better. Whether it's colour on plumbing, lighting, or stone, one thing’s for sure, we’re moving away from the boring, all-white bathrooms we’ve gotten used to. Coloured tiles with audacious patterns are alos on trend for more adventurous homeowners craving something new. 

2.    Statement Tiles

Speaking of tiles (naturally), in 2023, look for complex and interesting bathroom floors, like mosaics in custom patterns and colours. Since bathroom floors generally aren’t very large, they’re a place in which even a higher-priced tile won’t break the bank. Gone are the plain, large-format floor tiles. More complex mosaics make the floor a focal point, and they provide a great opportunity to introduce a good dose of pattern and colour into a bathroom.

3.    Investing in Quality Materials

Here at Nak, we’ve been seeing our clients prioritize high-quality yet low-maintenance bathrooms—and they’re willing to pay the proper price for them. It’s time to ensure our baths have functioning, high-quality plumbing. If not, you’ll end up paying for it down the line. Minimalistic bathrooms with large format porcelain tiles for easy maintenance and clean-lined plumbing fixtures are always in demand. These days “luxury” defines The New Statement Bathroom, both in materials and technology. Look for natural marble and stone, controlled and high-quality lighting, rich finishes, heated floors, and fancy toilets that do everything.

4.    Create a Spa-Like Retreat

We all need a quiet place where we can close the door, draw a bath, and forget about that aggravating email. Bathroom trends for 2023 will see an increase in wellness spaces that are fully prepped for spa-style pampering. Think steam showers, aromatherapy, dedicated spaces for all those skincare products, and even a little nook with upholstered seating. The latter is particularly perfect for painting toenails, lotioning legs, flicking through a magazine, or waiting for a face mask to set – all moments where comfortable seating will prove far more decadent than perching on a cold toilet seat. 

5.    Natural Materials

It has been proven that spending time outdoors and within nature – where wood is plentiful – has a positive impact on our mental health, and by bringing it into the home, we can replicate those same benefits on a smaller scale. Think about introducing natural materials like teak or bamboo in a modern, slatted design that lends laid-back Japanese-influenced vibes. Materials like teak are fully equipped with natural oil that helps it to resist water and aging well, making it a great timber choice for bathrooms.

Whatever style catches your eye, Nak Cabinetry is happy to help you with your next bathroom renovation project. Whether you need high-quality materials at an affordable price, expert installation, or a little advice, consider us your one-stop shop! Unlike those other big-box stores, we’re always willing to make time for our clients and offer personalized recommendations so you can build the space of your dreams! Contact us today for more information!


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