Why Schluter Tiles Do it Better

By: NAK Cabinetry & Tile   |   20 Sep 2022

If you’ve been looking to make changes to your home, particularly in regards to your bathroom or kitchen, then having the right foundations for a renovation project is crucial. Thankfully that’s where Schluter Tiles come in! These elegant, high-quality tiles are a staple for any bathroom or kitchen tile project. With over forty product lines in total that are promoted in countries around the world, they provide a practical solution to the demands of installation within the home and in many businesses. From showers to backsplashes to counters, learn why NAK Cabinetry recommends Schluter tiles for your next remodel.

Quality Materials

Schluter tiles are some of the best when it comes to protective materials for your wet areas. The tiles have been constructed with a membrane that features a modified polyethene (PEVA) core and also has a non-woven polypropylene on both sides. These are fancy materials that basically provide the waterproofing you need for your bathroom or kitchen that’s sure to last. When it comes to Schluter, you can count on sustainability and can expect the tiles to last for upwards of fifty years. Of course, within that time, you might have done something different to the space, which means you remove the material or you’ve up and gone to your next property. In that case, you’ll be happy to know that when you invest in our Schluter, you’ll get a great return on your investment. It’s one of the reasons why so many of our customers come back to us again and again for all their building and renovation projects. 



Whether you have a keen eye for design or are not quite sure where to start, choosing Schutler is always a wise decision. These premium tiles offer a highly durable, luxurious, and aesthetically pleasing finish to your walls, floors, countertops, staircases, bathroom renovation projects, kitchen remodels, and so much more. Schluter comes in a wide variety of finishes so that it can match the other chosen hardware in your space, or you can choose something that will seamlessly blend into the colour of your tile.

Maybe you want a kitchen backsplash that cleanly finishes off a shape like a hexagon or other specialty shape that would require cuts (and leave an exposed, unfinished edge) in an installation. Or perhaps you’re looking for an easy way to trim tiled shower walls and finish off a wainscot height wall or your shower niches. Got a dividing fireplace you’d like to spruce up? Schluter can essentially be used in any tile installation no matter how you choose to accentuate your style!

Choose Nak Cabinetry for Your Next Tile Project

As an Approved Canadian Distributor of Schluter Tiles, we’re proud to supply a wide selection of Schluter tiles and products to the residents of Orangeville, Wellington, Dufferin County, and beyond. When it comes to your next home renovation or remodelling project, why go to one of those big box stores when you can visit a local supplier that you can trust? At NAK, we care about you, your time, and your budget. We’re here to make sure you pick the right tiles and complementary products for your project so that you can enjoy your home for years to come. Plus, for our DIY customers, we'll even be offering Schluter Tile Workshops in the near future, including a professional Schluter rep hosting classes if you need a few tips and tricks for your next big home remodelling project!

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