Best Ways to Keep Your Kitchen and Countertops Clean

By: NAK Cabinetry and Tile   |   18 Oct 2018
going green
Going Green?

There is a new trend taking over society – and we’re all for it! Essential Oils are the latest craze, but did you know they have been used for thousands of years? By tapping into this ancient knowledge, we can use some seriously tried-and-true methods for just about any need.

Take cleaning, for example. Our kitchens and bathrooms need some of the most vigorous and continuous cleanings in our homes! Advertisers tell us we need to be using harsh chemicals and man-made concoctions to beat the grime, but did you know that natural ingredients can kill just as many bacteria – without the harmful effects? That’s right, there is no need to destroy your skin and lungs just to keep your home’s hard surfaces clean.

That being said, essential oils and other truly natural ingredients can still be very powerful and must be handled with care.

So, are you eager to find out how you can make your very own cleaning concoctions out of ingredients sourced from the natural world? Read on! We’ve gathered some excellent recipes that you can use to keep your countertops, floors and anything else glistening!

The All-Purpose Cleaner

First things first, to begin your natural cleaning journey, why not start by creating an All-Purpose Cleaner? This one is excellent for killing all of the germs living in your toilet, sink, countertops or anywhere else! To begin, you’ll need borax, white vinegar, a mixing cup and an essential oil blend. For the purpose of this recipe, we will refer to Citrus Sparkle, which contains 10 drops of lemon, tea tree and lemongrass oils. (For more essential oil blends)

You’ll need to boil 2 cups of water to become the base of your cleaner. Next, put in one teaspoon of borax and stir it until it has fully dissolved. Then, add a quarter cup of white vinegar to the solution. After your cleaner has cooled, transfer it into a spray bottle with a funnel. Once it’s in there, it is time to add your essential oil blend for that extra kick of cleaning power (and amazing, fresh scent). This solution is gentle on all surfaces, but if you’re looking to clean up a glass mirror or window, look to our next recipe for that!

The Window Cleaner

This next recipe is just about as simple as it gets, saving both the environment and your wallet! To make natural window cleaner at home, start with 1 â…“ cup of distilled water and â…” of a cup of white vinegar. Pour these into your spray bottle and add five drops of either lavender or lemon essential oil for a simple window-cleaning solution! A few tips to make your cleaning go further are to use newspaper as your cleaning rag and do major cleanings when the sun is hiding behind clouds. If the sun is out, your solution may dry too quickly and leave streaks.

If you have a rather stubborn window, you may need to amp your solution up by combining 1 cup of water, 1 cup of vodka or white vinegar and ¼ of a teaspoon of dish soap. Once that is in your spray bottle, add the five drops of essential oil, ensure the solution is mixed and spray away!

The Drain Cleaner

The last earth-friendly recipe we are going to share with you here is one that can replace one of the most harmful solutions sitting in your cleaning cupboard right now. Say goodbye to toxic drain cleaners with this cleaning regime and lose the guilty conscience every time your hair accumulates in the shower. Almost all of the ingredients for these solutions are already sitting in your home, so make use of them the smart way!

The first drain you may think of tackling is the one in your kitchen. You know the one – it at times can give off odours you’d rather it didn’t, and the odd fruit fly has found a haven in there. If that sounds like your sink, or you want to make sure it never does, give this routine a try. Take a ½ cup each of vinegar, baking soda and salt and pour all of it down your drain. Leave it sitting for 15 minutes, then pour a kettle full of boiling water down with it.

This should destroy all food bits and leave things smelling fresh once again – all without the use of corrosive materials! If you have a disposal unit, try using ¼ cup of baking soda and borax combined with half a lemon rind. Turn the unit on and use very hot water. Either of these sink solutions may be performed weekly.

If any of the drains in your house have become plugged, try the first recipe and follow it with some heavy duty plunging with a rubber plunger. Repeat the process if the first try is unsuccessful, and make sure the plunger is covering the entire drain. As soon as you have cleaned out your drains, be sure to place drain catchers to ease the process for future cleans.

It’s Really That Easy!

So there you have it! Creating environmentally-friendly cleaners is easy as could be, and can be done without a complicated list of ingredients. Please note that the quality of the essential oil that you use will determine its effectiveness. We always use DoTerra for our at home cleaning (and healing and stress relief), and we would be happy to get you in touch with a rep to begin your own oil collection.

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