Closet & Pantry Accessories

Closet And Pantry Accessories

Cabinets take on a whole new role when they are practical and useful for storage and at the same time become easy to access. Especially when they store exactly what you need exactly where you need it. Cabinets these days can be outfitted with all kinds of special organizing tools as well as mechanical inserts that allow previously blind or inaccessible spaces to become highly efficient and useful. Then there is the matter of drawers. While drawers are very useful all on their own, they can be made even more practical by adding organizational tools that increase storage capacity; within the drawer or by rethinking how you utilize such spaces in a new kitchen or closet.

Exercise caution with regard to the use and placement of accessories. Just because an accessory is available doesn’t mean that every cabinet needs to have one. Why not? First of all, accessories are like upgrades for a vehicle. Some are nice to have and worth splurging on, but loading up on absolutely everything can be very costly and can unnecessarily elevate the cost of your project. Second an accessory placed incorrectly away from where it is needed is pointless; it does not serve its intended purpose. It would be equivalent to placing your kitchen pantry in your bedroom. It makes no sense if it’s not convenient! This is where design planning comes into play. Before meeting with the designer learn about your options and identify clearly which 2, 3 or 4 accessories are must haves for you. This way the designer can build a concept around them with necessary sizing in mind from the very beginning. Redeveloping plans or trying to retrofit cabinets afterwards is much more costly and more importantly time consuming. So choose your accessories carefully and make sure they are being implemented in the right place so that you reap the true benefits of their intended convenience.

What kind of accessories are available? For the sake of simplicity and clarity we will break down our visual review of cabinet accessories into 6 categories.

  1. Tall Cabinets: Includes Pantry and Broom Closet Accessories
  2. Kitchen Wall Cabinet Accessories
  3. Kitchen Base Cabinet Accessories excluding drawers
  4. Kitchen Drawer Accessories
  5. Closet Accessories
  6. Custom Accessories

Tall Cabinet Accessories

Tall Cabinet AccessoriesTall Cabinet Accessories

Pantry Accessories are by far the most commonly desired and used accessories in new kitchens today. Of all the accessories available pull out drawers are by far the most useful and cost effective.

Kitchen Wall Cabinet Accessories

Accessories that are popular in this category general involve help with accessibility and also for storage of items such as spices.

Kitchen Base Cabinet Accessories

This section is where new accessories can help the most to grant ease of access to items. Popular options in this category involve pull out drawers for knife and utensils, special containers, spices, garbage and recycling as well as cleaning supplies and also dividers for trays and cutting boards.

Kitchen Drawer Accessories

With drawers we tend to immediately jump to cutlery dividers and cooking utensils, however they can be utilized for so much more.

Closet Accessories

Rethink how you access and utilize your closets. Go beyond the common and obvious options.

Custom Accessories

Special solutions for special circumstances for any space. Unique ready made and completely custom built items that help to make your cabinets usefulness as well as storage capacity sublime. Have a need but not sure how to solve it? Discuss your challenge with a NAK designer and let us see what solutions we can come up with. Below are one or two examples of unique solutions.

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  • Is your showroom open to the public? Is an appointment Required?

    NAK has a showroom in Orangeville. We are open to the public and we welcome contractors who wish to partner with us. Our showroom includes displays of kitchens, closets, bath displays, vanity floor models for sale, laundry display, countertops and door samples, plus flooring, backsplash and other samples. There is no appointment necessary to visit our showroom, however, because our staff also makes in-home visits for consultation and project management, an appointment is recommended,...

  • Production time on custom cabinets?

    Our in-house manufactured custom cabinetry takes approximately 5-8 weeks based on the size and nature of the order. Larger volume orders processed through our secondary Canadian manufacturers take approximately 6-10 weeks.

  • Warranty?

    NAK offers a limited lifetime warranty on all custom cabinet doors and a warranty on all internal hardware such as hinges and drawer glides. Warranty is non transferable and some limitations apply. See full warranty in store for details.

  • Does NAK supply a free estimate or proposal?

    Yes, please provide us with a rough layout and measurements of your space or request a free in-home consultation.