Cabinet Design & Installation

We offer a variety of cabinet lines that allow us to provide flexible solutions for almost any budget or design requirement. Our cabinets are grouped into two main categories. CUSTOM CABINETS and PREFABRICATED CABINETS. So which category suits you best? Well that depends on your wish list and what your preferences and needs are.

Here are some of the benefits of each cabinet line.

Cabinet Drawers & Boxes

  • Allows you to fit any custom size requirements, in width or height or depth or all three together. Whatever dimension you need we can create.
  • We can provide or match any custom door shape you prefer and match this with a custom finish in the colour you prefer. Additional fees may apply for non standard door shapes.
  • Little or no wasted space in corners or other areas. Maximum storage.
  • Standard or smaller than standard fillers required
  • Custom designs for hiding bulkhead without needing to remove them (if that is your wish)
  • Custom height toe kicks or elevated wall mounted cabinets are possible
  • Comes delivered pre-assembled
  • Installation service is available but not mandatory. If you prefer to arrange the installation yourself just let us know. Some conditions apply.

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Prefab And Flat Pack Cabinets

  • If it’s available in inventory, we can start as soon as you are ready. No additional production time required.
  • Comes with some free perks, including upgrades like ply boxes, dovetail drawers and soft close hardware.
  • This is a great solution for vanities. Fast and ready to install from our showroom floor or within 2-3 weeks by special order. Optional quartz vanity tops with sink also available.
  • Also a great solution for kitchen renovations with tighter budgets.
  • Perfect for all you D.I.Y’ers, comes delivered in flat pack so you can choose to install it yourself or have us install it for you.

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Closet And Pantry Accessories

Cabinets take on a whole new role when they are practical and useful for storage and at the same time become easy to access. Especially when they store exactly what you need exactly where you need it. Cabinets these days can be outfitted with all kinds of special organizing tools as well as mechanical inserts that allow previously blind or inaccessible spaces to become highly efficient and useful. Then there is the matter of drawers. While drawers are very useful all on their own, they can be made even more practical by adding organizational tools that increase storage capacity; within the drawer or by rethinking how you utilize such spaces in a new kitchen or closet. Exercise caution with regard to the use and placement of accessories. Just because an accessory is available doesn’t mean that every cabinet needs to have one. Why not? First of all, accessories are like…

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In Summary

Some rooms will allow for flexibility and allow you to choose either cabinet category. Other spaces depending on the dimensions required to fill a space will be best served if you focus strictly on custom cabinet solutions to meet your needs.

Other factors that play a role in choosing the right solution for your project are things like:

Are you renovating because you are selling?

If you are selling then prefabricated cabinets may be the answer depending on the overall characteristics of your home.

What is more important: your budget or long term product quality and prestige?

If your budget is more important stick with prefabricated cabinets. If high end quality and prestige are more important then go with custom cabinets.

How important is it to you to maximizing every bit of space for storage?

If the answer is “very” well then definitely lean more towards custom cabinets.

How do you feel about larger filler sizes?

If you don’t like wide fillers over 3” stick with custom cabinets.

Are you looking for a custom size or custom shaped door?

Well the question sort of answers itself, doesn’t it? Go with custom cabinets.


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