Our Process

Our Process

Pick a style, explore your preferences

Helps us to understand what your vision looks like. Share pictures with us. Visit our showroom for ideas.


Select a door shape & then colour

Visit our showroom to select a door shape and to view colour chips. At the same time our designers can help you put together a complete profile from floors to counter and tiles. We can bring these samples to your home to view in your homes lighting, when we come to measure.


Measure & calculate project price

(WITHOUT RENOVATIONS – see Stage 1 only)

Stage 2 only applies if you would like us to price out your renovations.

Stage 1) Fast project quote / cabinet proposal based on our measurements we will calculate a single source price on site the same day when the project does not include changes to the room size. Our proposal is based on our discussion with you and will take in to account your budget and the level of our involvement in the project.

Stage 2) Renovation Proposal Additional renovation items* will be priced separately with a secondary proposal. If accepted we will manage the complete project and provide a single source payment scheme. So there is no need to pay or schedule multiple contractors. This reduces your risk with hiring contractors and speeds up completion of your project. *See “Additional Renovations” below on this page for more details about renovation items.


Planning & Design

There are 2 options to start the design process:

  1. Accept our Initial Proposal by Signing it. (No contract payment required until STEP 6)
    – There is no added cost for the design if you accept the proposal.
  2. Pay a Design Deposit – A minimum of 50% of the “design only cost” is required.
    The balance is due when the 3D design is presented. An invoice will be provided and an electronic .pdf copy of the design including dimensions will be emailed after the design cost balance is received. Two revisions prior to final payment is included. Additional revisions after final payment and delivery of design will incur additional charges.

Review Plans, Materials & Renovation Proposal

We will complete the design and review it with you along with suggested materials. Suggested materials include sample door, stain or paint colour, countertop, handles and if included, backsplash & flooring. If you like our selections GREAT! If not we can still make some adjustments where needed before putting the final contract together. The design and materials become part of the contract. We will also present any additional renovation pricing at this time. ***At this point if you wish, accept the design and renovations or accept just the design if you plan to have someone else care for the renovations. This initiates final contract preparation.


Sign Contract(s)

The contract will include a detailed list of the items included and the work requested. At signing a deposit is required. Cabinet fabrication and material ordering can now start. Scheduling & installation services can now be arranged.

After acceptance of proposal final signing and full deposit may be scheduled for a later date, however this must be completed within 10 months and no later. After acceptance of proposal, the DESIGN will be finalized and then a CONTRACT with full details and terms or alternately with prefabricated cabinets, vanity and closet orders where no customization or renovations are involved a SHORT ORDER FORM may be prepared instead. The contract or short order must be signed and full deposit given to start production or ordering:


NAK reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel the acceptance of any proposals and return any deposits should material or labour prices fluctuate dramatically within the preparation waiting period. Clients may cancel their acceptance of the proposal within 10 days of signing and your “advance deposit” is REFUNDABLE less the cost for any work that has been started within the 10 days. NAK will also return your deposit, upon request, if an initial design is not presented within 15 business days after the accepted proposal is submitted and received by NAK.


If you also accept our RENOVATION PROPOSAL as part of your project then we will also provide a work schedule that will clearly show estimated TASK START and TASK END dates.


INCLUDES CHANGES TO FINISHED FLOORING, STRUCTURAL (adding or removing walls/beams/joists), Significant relocation of ELECTRICAL, IN-WALL PLUMBING changes, All HVAC. If you decide to hire directly third party contractors to do your renovations be advised that it is the home owners / clients responsibility to manage the contractors and insure the room is ready for cabinet installation as scheduled. If there is a delay caused by the contractors this will impact on installers schedule and availability and may significantly delay your project if we have to rebook them. DELAYED DELIVERY: If we are unable to deliver the cabinets on the assigned delivery date, then additional storage fees may also apply and will be billed by separate invoice. If you wish to avoid storage fees you must advise us of delays prior to delivery, at least 14 days before. If delivery is delayed for any reason from our end we will advise as soon as possible after we have become aware of the delay.


We do NOT like last minute surprises; we assume that you do not either. Please keep us informed and warn us in advance if something has changed or is likely to change. Any difference in cost due to client adjustments after the contract is signed will be invoiced separately – additional design administrative as well as installation or labor fees may also apply.


Request Information


  • Is your showroom open to the public? Is an appointment Required?

    NAK has a showroom in Orangeville. We are open to the public and we welcome contractors who wish to partner with us. Our showroom includes displays of kitchens, closets, bath displays, vanity floor models for sale, laundry display, countertops and door samples, plus flooring, backsplash and other samples. There is no appointment necessary to visit our showroom, however, because our staff also makes in-home visits for consultation and project management, an appointment is recommended,...

  • Production time on custom cabinets?

    Our in-house manufactured custom cabinetry takes approximately 5-8 weeks based on the size and nature of the order. Larger volume orders processed through our secondary Canadian manufacturers take approximately 6-10 weeks.

  • Warranty?

    NAK offers a limited lifetime warranty on all custom cabinet doors and a warranty on all internal hardware such as hinges and drawer glides. Warranty is non transferable and some limitations apply. See full warranty in store for details.

  • Does NAK supply a free estimate or proposal?

    Yes, please provide us with a rough layout and measurements of your space or request a free in-home consultation.