Quartz & Granite Countertops

Granite vs Quartz, Which One Should You Choose for Your Countertop?

The solid strong nature and beauty of stone makes it the most common choice of countertop installed in new kitchens, by NAK countertops. So which stone do you choose? Granite and it’s natural elegance or a quartz countertop for its colour consistency? Initially you may tend to lean towards what you have heard. Is a quartz countertop really better than a granite countertop, like many industry professionals preach? Well in some ways yes, but then again in other ways it’s not. Granite countertops have some traits that outshine quartz countertops, so the expert opinion that really matters most is yours!

Quartz Countertops

In making your decision ask yourself; What stone is the right fit for my lifestyle, habits and decor? To help answer that, you need to fully understand the differences between a granite countertop versus a quartz countertop. What is unique about granite or quartz? What are some of their more subtle characteristics? Understanding details about granite and quartz composition, appearance, durability, maintenance and value or price point will help you to appreciate which stone, granite or quartz is the right fit for you. We have provided a data sheet below that provides more information about all these factors of granite and quartz. Click to open or download.

Now that you know the difference between granite and quartz countertops, we hope it will make your decision easier.

No photograph can express the true beauty and feeling of a beautifully polished stone countertop and how much it elevates the look and feel of your kitchen while adding value of your home. Stone countertops are something you have to see and feel for yourself to really appreciate. It’s similar to drinking wine from a crystal glass vs a plastic one. There really is no comparison. The same is true when comparing a granite or quartz countertop versus a laminate countertop. A little extra enhancement to your lifestyle, will bring you years of joy. It’s truly worth the additional investment.

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