Wardrobe & Custom Closet Solutions

Wardrobe and Custom Closet Solutions

Whether you need solutions for a walk-in closet, dressing room or a stand alone wardrobe, cabinetry can help keep it clean and organized with special storage solutions and accessories. A place for pants, shoes, belts, shirts, dresses, accessories, ties, sweaters, socks and more, all organised and in its own place.

Some spaces are better suited for walk-in closet while others are strictly reach-in closets. Then there are those special situations where a complete room is dedicated to your wardrobe and accessory storage. Some budgets allow you to close off the cabinets with doors while others require a more open concept with drawers only. Whether you prefer open access or a completely closed off wardrobe style with doors, when the spacing allows for it, we will accommodate and design the space to meet your preferences and turn it into the custom closet of your dreams. There are 4 types of custom closet options we design and build to your specifications.

Walk-In Closet:

Probably the most common style of closet associated with master bedrooms. Usually consists of open cabinetry with sectioned hanging rods on one or two walls with an aisle down its length. Also includes a few well placed drawers, shelves, accessory and shoe storage areas. From fully custom cabinet designs to semi prefabricated hanging systems we can create walk-in closet solutions that meet your specific needs for both storage and cost. With rustic charm or a modern approach, complete luxury, or just well organised storage, NAK cabinetry can create what you are looking for.

Function is an important detail not to be overlooked. Function and practicality is part of our design approach at NAK cabinetry and we’ll make sure that your walk-in closet space is utilized to its fullest potential. With everything in its proper place you won’t have to worry about misplacing another item or spending hours trying to find the perfect dress or suit. NAK cabinetry will create the perfect walk-in space for all of your garments and valuables.

Reach-In Closet:

Usually a standard builder style closet with bi-fold, sliding or hinged doors that has a single wall of cabinetry organised in a similar way as a walk-in closet, however instead of walking in you simply just open the closet door(s) and reach-in. Can also be designed to compliment an open concept without closet doors.

Custom reach-in closets can transform any ordinary closet into something extraordinary. There are many solutions that we can make use of to create the perfect custom reach-In closet space for you. If you want your closets to be organised but don’t want to add additional renovation costs, then a custom reach-in closet design is the solution made just for you. We can create unique spaces for clothes, shoes, dresses, suits, belts, ties, scarfs, purses, watches and much more. No matter your desire, NAK cabinetry can create a custom reach-in closet solution made just for you.

We can also design shared reach-in closet spaces, split between his and hers, or we can create a dedicated design just for him or for her if there is more than one closest available. We can also provide drawers that lock to secure your valuables. Optionally we can also add special features such as a soft fabric liners within the drawer and sections to reduce risk of scratching. Whatever your desire or idea, NAK cabinetry can create the perfect reach-in storage space.

Dressing Rooms:

The ultimate in closet storage. A custom dressing room is usually large enough to allow for a small island in the centre or may also be designed in combination with or connected in an open concept with a bedroom and / or bathroom. An open concept dressing room may also allow for a small change area or a sitting area with a bench, sofa or chaise longue. Can also include space for a small additional T.V. or and inspirational detail, such as a photo. An open concept custom dressing room design may also eliminate the need for any additional dressers or standalone furniture within the bedroom, other than the essentials such as the bed and night tables. Goodbye clutter!

NAK cabinetry can design your dressing room to your specific preferences. The cabinetry for a dressing room can be designed as a completely open concept without door fronts or as a closed wardrobe with either full height doors or multiple doors stacked vertically. In some cases a blended combination of both open and closed cabinets may be the best approach. Much of that will depend on the space as well as your personal preferences in combination with the esthetic appeal of the final design.

At NAK cabinetry we have a distinct advantage in that we fabricate our cabinets to custom designs and we can thus create unique one of a kind solutions. Let our team of experienced designers and cabinet builders go to work for you creating a truly luxurious custom dressing room.


A concept born in Europe using the principles of a wall unit as a closet. In many parts of Europe because of their construction methods rooms are frequently built without a closet and the homeowner or renter then supplies their own storage or cabinetry. Traditionally wardrobes have been built to sit in the room and are closed off from the rest of the room with long cabinet doors. Today in North America wardrobes are growing in popularity. Some homeowners are even converting their old reach-in closets by removing the front wall and doors and replacing them with wall to ceiling wardrobe cabinetry. This is something our team at NAK cabinetry can help with, from design to renovation to complete installation.

Wardrobes come in many shapes and sizes. They can be built to look like a full length wall unit or your wardrobe can be a smaller more narrow piece of furniture. The wardrobe closet cabinets can be joined together and may have standardized flush toe kicks or the cabinets can also be elevated on a platform and instead can use decorative feet or a valance to add special detail. The wardrobe cabinet is a very flexible approach to storage that allows it to be used in many different ways. It can be used to cover a whole wall or can be designed to just sit in the corner of a room. It also can be used inside a walk-in closet however it is most commonly found inside full sized custom dressing rooms.

Storage capacity and flexibility also add to the benefits offered by a wardrobe design. The inside of the wardrobe can be configured to host a multitude of different items. Designs options may include a full bedroom closet configuration or a customized seasonal closet with separation of summer and winter items or it may be designed as an entrance piece optimized for exclusively hanging jackets and shoes. A wardrobe custom closet can even be designed for use in the kitchen or an adjacent room as additional storage for large appliances or as a stand alone pantry. We can even match the doors of the wardrobe to your existing cabinetry. The versatility for storage is endless.


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  • Is your showroom open to the public? Is an appointment Required?

    NAK has a showroom in Orangeville. We are open to the public and we welcome contractors who wish to partner with us. Our showroom includes displays of kitchens, closets, bath displays, vanity floor models for sale, laundry display, countertops and door samples, plus flooring, backsplash and other samples. There is no appointment necessary to visit our showroom, however, because our staff also makes in-home visits for consultation and project management, an appointment is recommended,...

  • Production time on custom cabinets?

    Our in-house manufactured custom cabinetry takes approximately 5-8 weeks based on the size and nature of the order. Larger volume orders processed through our secondary Canadian manufacturers take approximately 6-10 weeks.

  • Warranty?

    NAK offers a limited lifetime warranty on all custom cabinet doors and a warranty on all internal hardware such as hinges and drawer glides. Warranty is non transferable and some limitations apply. See full warranty in store for details.

  • Does NAK supply a free estimate or proposal?

    Yes, please provide us with a rough layout and measurements of your space or request a free in-home consultation.