Custom Cabinets Storage Solutions

The elegance of custom cabinetry along with it’s ability to provide unique built-in storage solutions helps you keep your space looking clean and organized, while elevating the stature of your entire home. Some of the less common spaces we create custom designed cabinetry storage solutions for are dining rooms, family room, theatre room, laundry or mud room, library, and even your garage.

At NAK cabinetry we are storage solution experts. Not just in making use of available space, but also in providing solutions that make it easily accessible.We design custom built-in storage solutions and dedicated furniture and work spaces for everything from bath and bed linens to laundry folding and green minded drying stations to toy and tool storage. Need a workbench in your garage or basement, we can supply that. If it needs to be stored or placed somewhere we can find solutions that meet your needs. We can elevate it and display it with open shelves or make it disappear behind doors. We can hang it all over the wall or we can store it in a quiet pull out drawer. At NAK cabinetry each solution is custom designed for your space, your needs and your preferences.

This section highlights some custom cabinet solutions that can be used to help organize various spaces and provide built-in storage solutions. NAK cabinetry designs and create uniques storage solutions that are both functional as well as decorative. Here are just some of the solutions we can provide for you.

Laundry and Mudroom

Considers how you can organize not just your laundry room but looks at other rooms associated with the laundry room, such as the mudroom or side entry.

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Wardrobe and Custom Closet Solutions

Whether you need solutions for a walk-in closet, dressing room or a stand alone wardrobe, cabinetry can help keep it clean and organized with special storage solutions and accessories. A place for pants, shoes, belts, shirts, dresses, accessories, ties, sweaters, socks and more, all organised and in its own place. Some spaces are better suited for walk-in closet while others are strictly reach-in closets. Then there are those special situations where a complete room is dedicated to your wardrobe and accessory storage. Some budgets allow you to close off the cabinets with doors while others require a more open concept with drawers only. Whether you prefer open access or a completely closed off wardrobe style with doors, when the spacing allows for it, we will accommodate and design the space to meet your preferences and turn it into the custom closet of your dreams. There are 4 types of custom…

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Custom Built Furniture

This subsection looks at both built-in and stand alone solutions for your dining room, family room, kids playroom and man cave, which includes but is not limited to entertainment units, wall units, fireplace mantels as well as other unique custom wood products such as small and large tables and bars and wine cellars.

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